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Safeguarding adults at risk of harm is at the heart of professional practice in health and social care. The aim of practice is to promote the right of those most vulnerable to harm to live a life free of abuse. This requires a high degree of professional capability.

The National Centre for Post-Qualifying Social Work is committed to supporting the development of practice to the highest level. To this end we work in partnership with employers, practitioner and those who use services to develop and deliver resources to inform and support practice on Safeguarding Adults.

This tool has been designed to support professional development and enable those in practice to demonstrate their professional capability.

The SAFE tool should be used in conjunction with the Safeguarding Adults at Risk Workbook to enable practitioners to meet the professional capabilities outlined in Staff Group B of the National Safeguarding Adults Capability Framework .

The workbook and SAFE Tool contain a number of tasks to be completed (‘Reflective Learning Log’ and ‘Practice Action Points’) and you can use these to support evidencing your professional capability. You can record the work undertaken to complete these tasks electronically (on the documents provided) or within the Safeguarding Adults at Risk Workbook.

It is important to keep a record of this information as it can be used in supervision and/or as evidence of your professional development for registration or appraisal purposes. It could also be used to attain academic credits from Bournemouth University should you wish to engage in further study at the National Centre for Post-Qualifying Social Work in safeguarding adults.

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